10 Reasons To Attend The New York Baby Show!

New York baby show collage

By Eric Messinger

One aspect of the New York Baby Show that I’m especially proud of is that it’s priced to be affordable, with tickets selling for $30 per family (up to four children), and $20 per individual. But I’m only proud of the ticket price because of what it allows people to buy: An inspiring, informative, fun, and all-around wonderful experience on the journey to parenthood!

What’s so wonderful?

For most people, it’s not one thing as much as the total experience of being a part of the largest Baby Show in the country for expectant and new parents, and just really taking the time to enjoy and it and make the most of it.

But let me try to break it down for you:

1. Discovering and learning about all these cool products and services from the people who know them best. At the Baby Show, you will interact with many of the top brands in the baby industry. You will also discover a lot of innovative up-and-coming products. The learning is the fun! You’ll hear about what you should look for in a breast pump, a stroller, a car seat, a baby carrier, a parent & me class, and organic baby food, and so much more. It’s all very helpful—and for expectant and new parents it’s kind of exciting.

2. Jamie Grayson is the keynote speaker! Grayson—known as the BabyGuy—is a nationally beloved expert in baby gear. Parents and parents-to-be not only trust him, they enjoy him! And he’s not only this year’s Keynote Speaker on both days, but he’s also participating with Shari Criso in a live version of their popular webcast about breastfeeding and bonding with baby.

3. Harvey Karp is the featured speaker! One of the most beloved and trusted pediatricians of our time, Dr. Karp has helped many generations of new parents bond with their babies and, invaluably, to get them to sleep, with his essential books and DVD series, The Happiest Baby On The Block, and The Happiest Toddler On The Block. In addition to talking about what parents really need to know about babies and baby sleep, Dr. Karp will also share the scoop on his ground-breaking new product, The Snoo, which he describes as the safest and most effective baby bed ever made.

4. Enjoy, Relax, Repeat: Whether you’re expecting or already have a young child, parents and parents-to-be are able to enjoy the Baby Show because they can take their time. They take their time chatting with vendors and listening to expert speakers, and then they can take breaks in comfort. There are special lounges for moms and dads, as well as nursing stations that allow you to relax, feed and change your baby, and meet other expectant and new parents. And then return to enjoying some of the more active parts of the show (there’s also an on-site café and eating area, where people like to lounge around too).

5. Do you know who Dionne Kamara is? In the world of Parent & Me classes in New York City, Dionne and her class (a mix of dance, development, and learning) is nothing short of a legend. And hers is one of a one of bunch of popular programs putting on trial classes and mini-concerts in the course of the Baby Show. The roster includes songs for seeds (from apple seeds), CitiRockers (from Citibabes), Music Together, and Grammy Award winner Tim Kubart and Tambourine Kids.   Rock on!

6. We’ve got a “real world” stroller track! Buying a stroller is not quite like buying car. Then again, parents really like to get this right (for obvious reasons). And one of the special assets of the Baby Show is that we have a wonderful stroller test track! Not to mention many of the best stroller (and car seat) brands in the world to try out!

7. There’s a Dream Nursery and other great giveaways: When you buy a ticket to the Baby Show you automatically qualify to win great giveaways like strollers and feeding systems, and most notably of all a complete Dream Nursery from Babyletto, with a top-of- the-line crib, dresser/changer, and glider with ottoman.

8. Ask Us Anything: In addition to Jamie Grayson and Dr. Harvey Karp (discussed above), we have the most wonderful array of experienced, wise, supportive, and helpful experts in our Featured Seminars and Meet The Experts Area. Seriously, take a minute to feast on the slate of programming! The subjects planned for discussion include maternal wellness, child care, breastfeeding, having a great parenting partnership, and even getting ready for toddlers. But basically if you have a questions on bump, birth, baby, and beyond, you’ll be able to find some good information and support.

9. It’s A Guy Thing, Too: Maybe this doesn’t need to be said anymore, but we’re so proud of this, that we like to share. The New York Baby Show is welcoming to men as well as women—and our secret sauce is the role of the NYC Dads Group, who do remarkable work in the world as a social and educational group for dads! They’re now over 20 cities around the country, but they started here in NYC—and they still rock it out at the Baby Show, running the Dads’ Lounge and a special New Dads Boot Camp seminar!

10. One For All & All For One: The previous point about dads is worth amplifying. What we’ve learned is that the Baby Show works because it welcomes everyone—women and men, couples, singles, friends, grandparents, uncles and aunts, bumps, babies, toddlers—and even though every family has its own goals for the day, there’s something wonderful about the collective vibe. You are all on your journey into parenthood. Everyone has their hopes, fears, joys, and challenges, and it’s nice to be able to share an event like the Baby Show.

I hope this note helps you understand what people like about the Baby Show – and why it’s such a great value!

On final tip: While you can buy your tickets at the event, if you buy them now you secure ready access to the show on the day you want.


Eric Messinger is the Editor of New York Family and the Programming Director of the New York Baby Show.