Anjie + Ash Creates Safe, High Quality, And Fashionable Teething Jewelry!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family; $20 per individual. Children are free.


We spoke with an Anjie + Ash member about what to expect at this year’s Baby Show!

What should expectant and new parents know about your brand?
Anjie + Ash jewelry is a modern take on teething jewelry, designed using high-quality, non-toxic silicone, beech wood and stainless steel.

Our stainless steel necklace is unique to the teething jewelry market, along with our patent-pending magnetic necklace clasp that protects both the necklace from damage and moms neck from strong baby tugs.

What’s new (in the past year) with your brand?
Anjie+ Ash launched in Dec of 2017. This summer we’ll be launching a mini diaper bag for moms of toddlers.

What is your most popular product right now?
The Antoinette necklace and Prince St necklace are our top sellers. The Antoinette features diamond faceted silicone beads and the Prince St necklace is our U shaped stainless steel design.

Why should Baby Show attendees stop by your booth at the New York Baby Show in 2018?
Jewelry can be hard to shop for online so this is a great opportunity to see the designs in person and try them on. It also gives our customers a chance to check out our magnetic clasp and see why it’s a much safer option than the current teething jewelry clasps on the market.

Are you offering any special contests or discounts your booth at the New York Baby Show in 2018?
Our first 10 customers will receive a free Saint-Tropez beaded silicone bracelet with their purchase.

Also, we’ll be previewing our mini diaper bag at the New York show and giving customers a chance to pre-order these amazing bags at a discount.

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