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Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family; $20 per individual. Children are free.


We spoke with a Baby2Body member about what to expect at this year’s Baby Show!

What should expectant and new parents know about your brand?
Baby2Body is the digital health and wellbeing coaching app for pregnancy and motherhood; we’re here to help you stay informed, empowered, and enabled to have a healthy baby while being happy and healthy yourself. We’ll cover your emotional wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, and beauty – giving you personalized coaching every step of the way.

What’s new (in the past year) with your brand?
Last year we launched our new iOS app – offering the complete Baby2Body premium experience, which coaches women with effective and stage-specific exercises, nutrient-rich recipes, techniques for tending to emotional wellbeing, plus fun tips on fashion, beauty and skincare, and of course updates on baby’s development. Our newest addition to the premium app is our virtual fitness studio, offering a daily, customizable workout plan for all of pregnancy. We also have some amazing free features we’ve recently added, including a My Day journal feature for women to record thoughts, feelings and important milestones, and the Baby2Body Community – a place for women all over the world to support each other.

What is your most popular service right now?
Definitely the fitness studio! Women also love our daily breathing and pelvic floor exercises that are part of the My Coach experience, and engaging with other Baby2Body moms on the Community section of the app.

Why should Baby Show attendees stop by at the New York Baby Show?
Because we’re here for you; to help you feel great, look amazing, be informed, and stay empowered and in control of your health and happiness. We know that healthier moms make for healthier babies – so we’ll help you to be your healthiest self at this important time. We’re not here to focus on what you can’t do while pregnant – we’re here to let you know what you can do and support you to shape your pregnancy and motherhood your way. We can’t wait to see you at the Show!

Are you offering any special contests or discounts at the New York Baby Show in 2018?
We’re offering 15% off of our premium lifetime package exclusively for Baby Show attendees! This package offers significant savings from the monthly app subscription and gives complete access to the premium app for all 9 months of pregnancy and the first 6 months of motherhood. That’s over 14 months of Baby2Body coaching guidance (including customizable weekly workout plans, nutritious recipes, meditation podcasts, breathing exercises and more) right at your fingertips. To activate the offer you must purchase the lifetime package on our Shop using the code NYBABYSHOW15. From there we’ll send you an email with instructions on setting up your premium account on our iOS app or website.

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