BÉABA Creates Well-Designed Products That Help Families Live Healthier Lifestyles


BÉABA is known worldwide for its ability to create innovative products! They’ve been changing the juvenile industry with a focus on design since 1989 and have been incorporating the wants and needs of parents around the world in terms of safety, functionality, and ergonomics!

And luckily, BÉABA will be at the 2018 New York Baby Show on May 19 and 20 at Pier 94.

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family; $20 per individual. Children are free.


We spoke with a BÉABA team member about what to expect at this year’s Baby Show!

What should expectant and new parents know about your brand?
For over 20 years, BÉABA has created well-designed products that help families live a healthier lifestyle. Our Babycook has been a major part of these efforts. We are continuing to introduce new collections and products to the market.

What’s new (in the past year) with your brand?
This year, we’re launching our Macaron Collection of Babycooks. We’re also launching the Big Flopsy, which is a pregnancy and nursing pillow, as well as our high chair which is designed and made in France.

What is your most popular product right now?
Our most popular product is the Babycook, which can be used to steam cook raw fruits, veggies, and even raw meat in 15 minutes or less.

Why should Baby Show attendees stop by your booth at the New York Baby Show in 2018?
Baby Show attendees should stop by to learn more about how the Babycook can simplify the process of making healthy, homemade baby food. They should also stop by to learn about our new pregnancy and nursing pillow and our high chair.

Are you offering any special contests or discounts at the New York Baby Show in 2018?
If attendees sign up for our newsletter, they’ll be entered to win a Babycook!

To learn more, visit beabausa.com