Best in Show from the 2019 New York Baby Show

The 2019 New York Baby Show took place on May 18-19, 2019 at Pier 94 in New York City, introducing thousands of new and expectant parents to a variety of products and services in the baby and maternity realms. This year’s Best In Show Awards named five winners and five honorable mentions. Collectively, the winners and honorees are notable for their innovation, design, functionality, variety, and overall excellence, the kinds of products with the potential to be trendsetters in their categories.

The Best in Show Awards for the 2019 New York Baby Show were selected by a prestigious panel of judges with representatives from media, retail, and local parenting enrichment programs. The judges were: Emily Anderson of Mom MeetUPs, Jen Buice of Lamaze, Debra Flashenberg of the Prenatal Yoga Center, Hillary Perlman of Mommybites, Matt Schneider and Lance Somerfeld of NYC Dads Group and City Dads Group, Sherri Schubert of MomTrends, Jada Shapiro of Birth Day Presence and boober, Andrea Syms-Brown of Baby in the Family, and Mia Weber of the Baby Show Series.

5 Best in Show Winners:


Perfect for breastfeeding mamas, boober is an NYC-based service that offers on-demand lactation and breastfeeding support in three easy steps. “This service is much-needed by new parents struggling with breastfeeding,” one judge says. It can make all the difference in getting a good latch that will help new parents to continue to breastfeed until and beyond 6 months.”

Fridababy Windi – The Gasspasser

Parents can use Fridababy’s Windi to instantly free baby’s stubborn gas–it’s completely safe, and doctor-invented. “The Windi is an easy-to-use tool to have in your arsenal when you are trying to calm a crying baby,” one judge explains.

Mockingbird Stroller

mom with baby in a hip stroller

New to the market this year, Mockingbird is changing the stroller game with its stylish, innovative, and affordable stroller offering. “This new and direct-to-consumer brand is positioned well to compete with the big players in the industry but with a much more affordable price points for parents,” one judge notes. “Its first iteration looks strong and it seems like a great option for a full-sized stroller.”  

Nomi High Chair

time lapse of baby growing and sitting in fancy chair

The just-launched Nomi High Chair grows with baby up through the teenage years, and is oh-so-easy to customize. “Nomi is a sleek, easy-to-use chair that can take you from the baby years, through the toddler years, and beyond,” one judge says. “It’s very easy to adjust and colors available that can fit any decor.”

Vianetic Smart Diaper Bag

Vianetic’s innovative collection of modern diaper bags are made by parents for parents, with a look and feel that’s intelligent, sleek and built tough for parenting. “Vianetic makes an extremely versatile backpack,” one judge says. “It’s easy to open and close with one hand, yet nicely secure. It stands upright on a flat surface and holds all you need for baby and parents. Plus, it’s excellent styling for use when baby is no longer in diapers!”

5 Honorable Mentions:

B.Sensible Crib Sheets

BSensible Bedding

High-quality crib sheets are a must to keep baby safe and comfortable during the early years–and B.Sensible’s crib sheets pass the test with flying colors. “Since the sheets are waterproof there is no need for an additional waterproof mattress cover. When the baby leaks through his/her diaper the urine will be contained to the sheet and would not have leaked down to the mattress cover,” one judge notes. “This means less laundry to have to do and less of a mess and work to deal with during middle of the night sheet changes. Also the sheets are incredibly soft and eco friendly.”

Doona Car Seat & Stroller

DOONA Burgundy Doona Evolution car seat

The only car seat on the market that transforms into a stroller at the touch of a button, Doona continues to be a standout example of baby gear innovation. “What an amazing idea to combine a carseat and stroller in one,” one judge says. “Doona makes cab rides much easier and safe and transitioning from car to street a snap.”

Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum

Every busy parent knows that anything that helps keep the mess under control is always welcome–enter Dyson and their latest manifestation in vacuum technology. “The V11 is easy to use, easy to store, and–best of all–it’s a must-have for moms and dads looking to streamline the process of keeping the house clean with a baby to take care of.”

Ergobaby Omni 360

olive green baby carrier

The Omni 360 carrier from Ergobaby makes life on the go comfy and safe for baby, and easy and convenient for parents. “I love this structured baby carrier which is easy to learn and breathable and makes it easy to wear your child from newborn to 48 weeks,” one judge explains.

Olababy Training & Feeding Spoons

When baby starts transitioning to solids, it makes a huge difference to have high-quality tools to help ease the process. That’s where Olababy’s spoons come in. “The design, material, and function of these feeding tools is very desirable for those concerned about avoiding overly using plastic,” one judge says.