Big Bang Beverages Puts Healthy Drinks Back On The Kid’s Menu

When it comes to finding drinks for your kids that they’ll actually like, nowadays the options are usually just sodas, sports drinks and artificial juices with too much sugar. Big Bang Beverages is trying to change that. They’ve created some great new drinks for kids that are healthy, low in sugar and your kids will actually like!

Wubba water

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We spoke to Jason Jampol, President of Big Bang Beverages, to learn more about the company:

For someone unfamiliar with Big Bang Beverages, how would you describe company’s mission and core offerings?

Our company’s mission is to take children’s beverages on the market that are unhealthy, and make them healthy. Your children deserve better. We live by this statement. There are so many products out there marketed for kids full of synthetic dyes, tons of sugar, GMOs and the like that are making our children chronically sick. Big Bang Beverages was created to start to change this pattern. Currently, we make a sports drink for kids to replace Gatorade/Powerade called Big Bang Naturals and a Pedialyte replacement called Wubba Water.

What is the background behind Big Bang Beverages? When was it started, and how has it evolved since then?

I have been a practicing pediatric chiropractor for almost 18 years and have done a lot with child and family nutrition throughout those years. I also have five children of my own. Big Bang Beverages basically started after sitting at my son’s football practice one day. Sports drinks were always on my hit list of things to remove from a child’s diet since day one. Between the dye, chemicals and sugar, they were just a toxic mix of poisons that no one, especially children, should ever drink. I saw first-hand how removing them from diets helped with ADHD, chronic sickness, asthma and so much else. I was sitting at my son’s practice that day watching all the kids drinking these sports drinks. As always, I was twitching in my chair knowing how bad they were for these kids. But then I noticed on the sidelines, siblings of my son’s teammates, some as young as age 2 or 3, were drinking them as well. The parents were not even thinking twice about giving it to them. That put me over the edge. Something had to be done. There had to be a better replacement for these drinks. I wasn’t going to stop them from drinking them drinks like this. I was going to make them better. Hence, Big Bang Beverages was born.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Big Bang Beverages?

Wubba Water was launched in April of 2015 and is currently in seven Whole Foods stores in New York. Parents are thrilled that there is a replacement for Pedialyte. Between the horrible taste, the sugar, and the artificial dye in Pedialyte, Wubba Water was a very welcome replacement. It contains NONE of that stuff and is organic certified, plus it tastes 1000 times better.

What sets Big Bang Beverages apart from other children’s beverage companies on the market?

There are no beverage companies that I know of that solely focus on children’s beverages. But, for those that do make beverages for children, we are the only ones that maintain fewer than two grams of organic sugar per serving, do not use fruit juice (which is more sugar), come in 12 ounce bottles for small hands, produce less waste and taste great.

What can parents expect to see from Big Bang Beverages at the New York Baby Show?

We are showcasing Wubba Water. It is great for kids when they are sick, when they play sports or anytime they are hot, sweaty, and just need a good, healthy drink to replace water and electrolytes.  There will be lots of samples and show specials; everything we can do to get the word out to parents!

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