BOB Gear Makes Enjoying Outdoor Activities With Your Baby A Breeze

BOB Gear Makes Enjoying Outdoor Activities With Your Baby A Breeze

Expectant and new parents: Are you wondering how you are going to maintain your active lifestyle while still spending time with your bundle of joy? Enter BOB Gear. The company designs high quality, performance strollers that you can strap your baby in and hit the trail, or pavement. Parents, that means you can burn calories while bonding with your baby and getting some fresh air.

BOB Gear will be at the upcoming New York Baby Show on May 20 and 21, at Pier 94.

The nation’s biggest show for expectant and new families, the New York Baby Show is a wonderful family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler. From top products to trusted parenting experts, the New York Baby Show welcomes thousands of expectant and new parents from New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


We spoke with a member of the BOB Gear team, Kelsey Curtis, to learn more about the company and what new parents can expect at the New York Baby Show.

For someone unfamiliar with the culture of BOB Gear, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

BOB Gear is a leading manufacturer of high-quality strollers and stroller accessories that help facilitate active family endeavors. Designed for new families, BOB stroller models combine elite performance, durability, and versatile “grow-with- the-family” features to offer parents a product that can successfully support a variety of activities through multiple years and children.

Tell us about BOB Gear’s background. When did BOB Gear start and how has it evolved since then?

Britax has been a leader in child passenger safety for more than 70 years—engineering safe, high-quality and intuitively designed products; products that set standards across the globe. In 2011, Britax expanded its product line by acquiring BOB Gear, a leading manufacturer of high-quality strollers and stroller accessories. Since its founding in 1994, starting with bike trailers and eventually getting into jogging and all-terrain strollers, BOB has grown to meet the needs of every active family. The addition of BOB to the Britax family reflects the company’s commitment to offering a full line of strollers to meet the modern family’s lifestyle needs, and continues the cherished BOB legacy of quality and innovation.

What are the most popular and newest products from BOB Gear?

Brand fans can expect fashion updates to some of their favorite BOB products, as well as some brand new products launching in the second half of 2017!

What sets BOB Gear apart in the baby stroller marketplace?

We’ve always thought differently at BOB. It’s how we work, it’s how we live, and especially, how we create revolutionary innovations. People working hard to create great products that bring more freedom to those that love getting out into the natural world. It’s that simple really. Commit to quality and the rest falls in to place.

What can parents expect from BOB Gear at the New York Baby Show?

Parents can expect to learn which strollers are best for their specific family’s lifestyle. There will be something there for everyone.

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