Book Nook Comes To Tribeca

book nook

Book Nook, the beloved children’s literary learning center which originated on the Upper West Side, has arrived in Tribeca (right between Duane Park and the New Amsterdam Library)! The second location, for children ages 6 months to 7 years, will serve as cozy literary oasis, with a nature theme that transports young readers to a serene forest to make them as comfortable as possible, while promoting learning with their endless selection of books.

Book Nook offers six tiers of 90-minute classes, and serves as the perfect nursery to grade school transition. Children as young as 6 months old can participate in Baby Hoots, which uses fun activities like music and puppets to help children with their introduction to separation. Throughout their classes, Book Nook provides children with the fundamentals of reading and equips them with tools and techniques to help them on their learning journey. In addition to classes, Book Nook also offers Kindergarten and first grade preparation workshops, tutoring sessions, space rental and summer camps. Each summer camp is inspired by a theme, with this years being Enchanted Stories.

As a New York City mother herself, founder and owner of Book Nook, Rina P. Collins, wanted to share the importance of inspiring children to read early on in life. “I designed this program to teach children that reading can be fun and that it can take us on a journey,” she says. “If we teach them the importance of reading early on, then they will carry that on with them for future academic success.”

Book Nook Enrichment will encourage kids to read while providing them with a comfortable environment that lets their imaginations and creativity soar. Visit their website for more information about classes and events.

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