Take Control Of Postpartum Fitness With “The Baby Bod Book”

Baby Bod Cover

For many new moms, postpartum health and fitness is a big concern but they might not be sure where to start or how to safely get back into an exercise routine that works for them. Enter The Baby Bod Book! This book and fitness program from physical therapist Marianne Ryan.

To learn more about The Baby Bod Book and all of Ryan’s offerings when it comes to postpartum fitness, we caught up with her to get the scoop!

What is your professional background? What did you do before writing The Baby Bod Book?

I have been working as a physical therapist in my own Midtown Manhattan practice, MRPT Physical Therapy, for over 30 years and we specialize in women’s health.

I am also a mother and developed some problems like reoccurring back pain and urine leakage during my both pregnancies and it did not go away after childbirth. I lived with pain and stress incontinence (leaking urine when I sneezed, coughed or jumped) for decades, and tried several different treatment programs to get rid of it, like physical therapy, biofeedback, massages, Pilates, yoga, biofeedback and nothing worked. So I did a lot of research and developed a simple exercise program that takes less then 15 minutes a day and it cured my problems.

That is why I wrote my book. I wanted to share this successful program with women around the world. There is a lot of incorrect information and poorly designed exercise programs that may cause more problems and not help women fully recover from Childbirth.

For someone unfamiliar with The Baby Bod Book, how would you describe your business, mission, and core offerings?

Women receive a lot of support during their pregnancy, but the medical care ball is dropped after childbirth. In other countries, like France, women go for physical therapy treatment after each baby starting at six weeks postpartum. They are encouraged to go for 2-3 months to recover the strength in their pelvic floor and core muscles.

Our entire practice, MRPT Physical Therapy, focuses on women’s health needs during pregnancy and after. We use the Baby Bod Exercise Program along with specific treatment protocols to help pregnant women prepare for childbirth and help moms safely and fully recover after delivery, no matter how long it has been!

Moms can bring their babies to the office during treatment, which is especially important when we treat Blocked Milk Ducts. We also have treatment programs to help women with pelvic pain and other orthopedic problems like back and neck pain, TMJ Dysfunctions, Headaches, and general orthopedic conditions.

What’s the history behind the book? What was the original idea and how did it come to be?

In my physical therapy practice I started seeing a lot of French women who live in NYC for postpartum rehab about 10 years ago. They explained to me that all women in France go for physical therapy and it is considered a normal part of their childbirth experience.

In the US, women are not encouraged to go for a postpartum check up or treatment after childbirth. I didn’t think I would be able to change our medical care system, so  I wrote my book to help women reclaim their bodies after childbirth.

What sets The Baby Bod Book apart from other books on similar subject matters on the market?

First of all it is an evidenced based program, based on scientific evidence written by a medical professional. It is not just fitness advice. The book bridges the gap between medical care and fitness advice.

What can parents and families expect to see from your business in the future?

We are launching an internet coaching program. Where women can meet with their own Certified Baby Bod Practitioner over the Internet.

A lot of moms feel overwhelmed and do not feel like they have the time to read my book and would like extra help in learning the Baby Bod Program.

The coaching program consists of four one-on-one sessions via Skype with a certified Baby Bod practitioner. Each  session is a half-hour. The program includes The Baby Bod Book in paperback and Kindle, and the Baby Bod exercise app. For more on the program, click HERE

Any other info that readers (moms especially) should know about you and your business?

To get a free preview of the Baby Bod Book click HERE

To learn more about The Baby Bod Book, visit babybodbook.com!