Mommybites Connects Parents To High-Quality Resources


Mommybites is a go-to community offering quality parenting resources, education, and more. The country’s top parenting experts have helped their team create incredible tele-classes, webinars, radio shows, videos, and blogs that are all updated regularly.

Learn more about Mommybites at the New York Baby Show coming up on May 14 and 15 at Pier 92!

The nation’s biggest show for expectant and new families, the New York Baby Show is a wonderful family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler. From top products to trusted parenting experts, the New York Baby Show welcomes thousands of expectant and new parents from New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


We caught up with the Mommybites team to learn more about what’s new and what parents can expect from them at the New York Baby Show!

For someone unfamiliar with Mommybites, how would you describe the site’s mission and core offerings?

For Mommybites co-founders, Laura Deutsch and Heather Ouida, it all started with a few simple questions: Is there a way for all moms from anywhere in the county to have access to quality parenting classes? Could they attend without ever leaving their homes? Could the class instructors be the same respected experts who were already running Mommybites’ successful in-person classes since 2006? Could the classes be free? It turns out that the answer to all of these questions is YES!

Tell us about Mommybites’ background—how did it get started and how has it grown? 

Laura and Heather have spent the last few years transforming these hypothetical questions into a reality–a reality that has gained them recognition from moms as far away as Europe and Australia (not to mention moms across the 50 States) and from national media, such as the Wall Street Journal. Attending these free online parenting seminars merely requires either a phone or a computer. Moms sign up for the classes on the Mommybites website and then receive the dial-in or login information. It’s that simple.

What are the most popular topics your classes cover? 

Topics vary from common parenting themes such as infant and toddler sleep, potty training, developmental milestones and post-baby finances, to more complex themes such as protecting children from sexual predators, children and divorce, children with special needs, and much more! Moms can either just listen to the class or they can jump in and ask questions to the expert.

What can parents expect to see from Mommybites at the New York Baby Show and in the future in general?

Over the coming year, Mommybites will be improving their already wildly popular free mom-generated nanny board and will using this model to start a mom-generated referral board to help moms connect with the the best service providers in NYC (tutors, hair dressers, interior decorators, trainers, caterers and many more!).  So stop by their to table to learn more about their free parenting classes, signature nanny board and their soon-to-launch referral board!

To learn more about the Mommybites and their services, visit!