With MonBaby, Your Infant Will Sleep And You Won’t Worry

MonBaby app

For new parents, the time when a baby actually sleeps is a brief moment of rest in a hectic busy day. But for many parents, that time can be fraught with worry as they stare at tiny monitors to make sure their baby is sleeping comfortably, and is easily breathing. MonBaby produces special devices that actively monitor your child and alert you if they roll over, wake up or are in discomfort. MonBaby will be showing off their monitors at the New York Baby Show on May 14th and 15th, on Pier 92.

The nation’s biggest show for expectant and new families, the New York Baby Show is a wonderful family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler. From top products to trusted parenting experts, the New York Baby Show welcomes thousands of expectant and new parents from New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


To learn more about MonBaby, we spoke with Marketing Advisor, Jane Voronovich.

For someone unfamiliar with MonBaby, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Our company provides innovative, wearable sensor technology designed to improve quality of life for people in need of care. Our premiere product is MonBaby, a smart, wearable breathing and rollover monitor for babies that sends alerts to parents via an app on their smartphone. We are actively engaged in creating a series of future smart wearables including an easy to use wearable for the elderly, a wearable for pets, and a wearable stethoscope for at-home use called MonScope.

What is the background of MonBaby? When did it start and how has it evolved since then?

MonBaby was created to answer a need in the marketplace from anxious new parents. All parents can relate to the feeling of anxiety that comes when your new baby is asleep in the crib, and MonBaby provides a proactive solution to ease those fears and promote safe sleep.

MonBaby was created in 2014 after running a successful Kickstarter campaign, which proved the product concept and generated buzz among consumers, media and manufacturers. The device and the complementary MonBaby app for iPhone and Android became available for purchase by the general public in mid-2015. Its popularity and sales have grown consistently since then.

In 2015 we also launched our safe sleep resource portal, Safesleep.MonBaby.com. On this site we work to consistently educate parents on topics related to safe sleep and life with a new baby, by interviewing experts, covering current news, and accepting reader submissions.

What are the most popular and/or newest services and products from MonBaby?

Our latest offering is MonBridge, an application that can be used in conjunction with the MonBaby smart button to extend its range via your home’s WiFi network. This has been incredibly popular among our users, who had requested such a feature. Plans are underway to expand this offering to a complete package for new parents, which includes the MonBaby smart button, a tablet pre-loaded with the MonBaby and MonBridge apps, and a library of resources for new moms and dads.

What sets MonBaby apart from other baby monitors on the market?

Unlike traditional audio and video baby monitors, which require you to be watching or listening to know if something is wrong, MonBaby employs active monitoring. Even if you’re not actively looking at your phone or a monitor, MonBaby will get your attention with an alert if it’s needed. What makes MonBaby unique from other “smart” monitors is its universal form factor. It works with any piece of clothing, and one size fits all. There are no additional sizes or models to buy as the baby grows. You can snap MonBaby onto any piece of a baby’s clothing, just like a button. When the baby’s clothes get dirty, just snap it off and onto a new outfit.

What can parents expect from MonBaby at the New York Baby Show?

We welcome you to visit us and see for yourself how easy MonBaby is to use and how it can help you follow the safe sleep recommendations with your baby. We’ll demonstrate how MonBaby’s ultra-precise sensors can tell when your baby rolls from his or her back to their stomach. We’ll also be happy to show you the intuitive app interface, which allows you to choose the alerts you want to receive based on what is important to you at this particular stage of your baby’s life.

To find out more about MonBaby, check out their web site monbaby.com