New York Baby Show 2019: Doona

stroller that converts into a car seat

With Doona, you get a car seat and a stroller all in one–that’s right, Doona can easily convert from stroller to car seat, making family adventures a breeze!

Doona will be at the 2019 New York Baby Show on May 18-19 at Pier 94.

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family; $20 per individual. Children are free! Buy your tickets to the Show HERE!

We spoke with Doona’s Country Manager Ariel Tavasi about what to expect from this top-tier brand at this year’s Baby Show!

What should expectant and new parents know about your brand?

Doona™ is a visionary company committed to improving and simplifying the lives of parents and their babies by introducing innovative products that offer real solutions.

What’s new (in the past year) with your brand?  

Doona Car Seat & Stroller has a new collection with updated textiles and colors. We are also introducing the Liki Trike to the US market this summer!

What is your most popular product or service right now?

 The Doona Car Seat & Stroller.

Why should Baby Show attendees stop by your booth at the Baby Show Series this year?

Baby Show attendees should stop by to see Doona’s new collection with updated textiles and colors. They will also be able to be among the first consumers in the USA to see the most compact, most lightweight, and most versatile tricycle in the juvenile market, the Liki.

Are you offering any special contests or discounts at your booth at the Baby Shows this year?

We will offer a contest, raffling a Doona. The winner will be notified after the Show.

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