ParentNation Offers A Dynamic Online Community And So Much More


It takes time for parents to learn all the things they need to know, and even veteran moms and dads require assistance from time to time when selecting their child’s birthday venues, camps, classes and after-school activities. ParentNation strives to provide straightforward information for busy parents. One way they accomplish this is through their user-generated reviews. After all, no one knows quite what you are seeking like a fellow mom or dad, and ParentNation provides a platform for parents to help each other.

What’s more, they will be at the New York Baby Show on May 20 and 21, at Pier 94.

The nation’s largest show for expectant and new families, the New York Baby Show is a wonderful family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler. From top products to trusted parenting experts, the New York Baby Show welcomes thousands of expectant and new parents from New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


We spoke with a member of the ParentNation team, to learn more about the brand and what new parents can expect at the New York Baby Show.

For someone unfamiliar with ParentNation, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

ParentNation’s mission is to create a dynamic, online community that connects discerning, like-minded parents and empowers them through shared, trusted reviews of local children’s services.

ParentNation is a platform that enables parents to connect, collaborate and communicate with one another.  The content is user-generated, so parents who have experienced a particular kid-related business can enter the business and rate and review it.  Reviews accumulate, and parents are then able to search on any number of categories (camps, classes and activities, parties, recreation, etc.) and then sort results based on various criteria (highest rated, distance, most viewed, etc.) to help them make the best decisions for their kids.

The site enables parents to interact with each other, whether through “Virtual Playdates” (instant messaging to clarify a review), locating and “friending” parents like you in your area so that you can see their reviews, or within the community forums that tackle topics from breastfeeding to teen behavior.  Basically, we’ve built a platform that empowers parents to help each other and themselves.

Tell us about the company’s background. When did it start and how has it evolved since then?

Like so many ideas borne out of necessity, the idea behind ParentNation was sparked during my quest to find a birthday party venue for our daughter.  My family was leaving for an extended overseas trip and I had to find a location before we left.  Too late to call friends, I turned to the Internet and started Googling.  This resulted in many suggestions—from the businesses themselves, to mommy blogs and local sites offering “guides” to parties—but they were really just lists of places near me.  I thought, of course the businesses themselves think they are great, but where is the subjective, experienced feedback from parents?  How do I know which one is right for us?  And finally, why isn’t there a site focused on kids’ businesses for parents, like there is “TripAdvisor” for travelers?!  Enter ParentNation, a platform that harnesses parents’ experiences all in one place, creating a powerful tool to help save parents precious time and guide the decisions they make for their children.

ParentNation was launched in September 2016, focusing initially on the tri-state area.

What are the most popular and/or newest features from ParentNation?

ParentNation just launched, so everything’s new!  But we think some of the cooler features are the ones that enable parents to interact with each other to create a more robust community.  The “Virtual Playdate” feature works like instant messaging between parents.  Say for example you read a review but have more questions.  You can send a private message to the member who wrote the review by clicking on the “Virtual Playdate” button on their profile page.  They will receive an alert, and can respond privately.  Parents can also search for other parents who are “like them”, for example parents who live in particular zip code, with school aged kids and teens, who describe themselves as sports-minded and active.  The “find friends” search will find other parents who fit the same criteria, and when you connect as friends, you can see what they review.  Another great feature is our “favorite” function.  Members can save their favorite businesses in their “Favorites folder” by clicking on the pink heart on the business profile page.  If the business lists an offer on ParentNation, the member will receive an email alerting them.  ParentNation also accepts blog posts from members, so any mommy or daddy blogger is welcome to join our blogging community.  As you can see, our goal with the site was to connect parents in any number of ways to help facilitate the sharing of information.

What sets ParentNation apart from other online parenting communities?

ParentNation is different from other online parenting communities in a number of ways:

Interactive: ParentNation gives parents the ability to “continue the conversation” beyond the review.  Instant messaging enables parents to reach out directly to each other, ask more questions and gain clarification.  Businesses can respond to members who have written reviews.

Connective: ParentNation connects parents and businesses on a local level, creating a sense of community.  Parents can search for and connect with others who are “like” them, have kids in the same life stage as theirs, or are geographically located within a close proximity to them.

Instantly accessible: The system amasses experiences that can be easily searched so that over time, parents with the same questions can instantly access information to help them make decisions.  There’s no need to “ask a question”; the answers are already there.

Geographically unlimited: ParentNation is not limited to just one community.  Parents access local insights to help make specific decisions around services and activities, and national insights on universal issues related to kids.

Transparent: All reviews (good and bad) are visible and are not hidden from users based on a computer-generated algorithm.  And, business ratings criteria are specific to category, making them more precise and helpful.

Rewarding: Members have access to special offers only available to ParentNation members.

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