raybaby Is Changing The Baby Monitor Game!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family; $20 per individual. Children are free.


We spoke with a raybaby team member about what to expect at this year’s Baby Show!

What should expectant and new parents know about your brand?
raybaby is an incredibly intelligent and reliable baby monitor that combines the advantages of a wellness tracker, sleep tracker, and video monitor in a device that works without contact with the baby. Inspired by classic wooden toys, it’s been designed for a baby’s nursery and comes in three baby-friendly colors.

What’s new (in the past year) with your brand?
We’ve been working towards launching raybaby. It’s involved extensive testing and certifications to get it market-ready. We’ve been checking tests, compliances, certifications over the last year.

What is your most popular product right now?
Our most popular feature is the AM-PM clock, which offers at-a-glance information on how the baby’s sleeping during a 24-hour period. It nudges parents towards increasing the number of hours that the baby sleeps at night, eventually making sleep training a painless exercise.

We’ve also found that parents with babies who may be asthmatic or have been diagnosed with asthma love raybaby because it can alert them of an allergy attack and when there are changes in the baby’s breathing pattern.

Why should Baby Show attendees stop by your booth at the New York Baby Show in 2018?
raybaby is a revolutionary product in the baby monitor category–being a wellness tracker that’s non-contact. Its patent-pending technology offers high accuracy and we are excited for people to take a look at it! And the New York Baby Show will be the only place where we’ll offer a discount!

To learn more, visit raybaby.us

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