Best In Show From The 2017 New York Baby Show

New York Baby Show Pick Best in Show

The 2017 New York Baby Show took place on May 20-21, 2017, at Pier 94 in New York City, introducing thousands of new and expectant parents to a variety of products and services in the baby and maternity realms. This year’s Best In Show Awards named five winners and three honorable mentions, with the winners including a really big, but useful, stroller; a luxurious high chair that ages up with your child; a baby bottle that pushes the limits of function and form; a “smart” sleeper; and a two-way swaddle. Collectively, the winners and honorees are notable for their innovation, design, functionality, variety, and overall excellence, the kinds of products with the potential to be trendsetters in their categories.

The largest consumer event in the country for expectant and new parents, the annual New York Baby Show is a joint effort of Family Media, the corporate owner of New York Family, and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), who are producing a series of Baby Shows in large metropolitan areas through out the country.

The Best In Show Awards for the 2017 New York Baby Show were selected by a prestigious panel of judges with representatives from media, retail, and local parenting enrichment programs. They judges were: Lauren Barth of MomTrends, Lauren DiCairano of giggle, Rebecca Dixon of Mommybites, Beth Feldman of Role Mommy, Debra Flashenberg of the Prenatal Yoga Center, Selena Joannides of Amazon, Suzanne Kantra of Techlicious, Kira Kohrherr of FitBump, the editorial team at Mommy Nearest, Ashlee Neuman of The Bump, Natalie Nevares of Mommywise, Sarah-Jane Kurtini of Tinybeans, Cristie Ritz-King of Reinvention Girl, Andrea Scannell of MOMally, Matt Schneider and Lance Somerfeld of NYC Dads Group & City Dads Group, Jada Shapiro of Birth Day Presence, Jill Simonian of The FAB Mom, Andrea Syms-Brown of Baby in the Family, Latham Thomas of Mama Glow, Kaity Velez of Well Rounded, and Mia Weber of New York Family

The five Best in Show winners are:

Best in Show: Austlen Baby Co. Entourage Stroller
The Entourage’s patented design has a one-handed expandable frame with three positions that enable multi-child configurations and the ability to carry large items, such as ice chests, shade canopies, and even luggage—this stroller has the strongest weight limit of any on the market, accommodating up to 150 lbs combined weight of children and cargo. “The sheer size and expansion capabilities of this stroller make it truly unique and totally impressive,” one judge notes. “This is incredibly useful for travel, for daily use, and for the beach—especially with the launch of special sand-friendly beach wheels!”

Austlen Baby Co Entourage Stroller

Best in Show: bloom fresco chrome limited edition baby chair in rose goldThis super-luxe limited edition baby chair is not only visually stunning (thanks to its very on-trend rose gold hue which, let’s be honest, would really punch up any parent’s Instagram page) but it also offers a number of convenient and innovative features. The fresco chrome has a 3-position recline system, an easy up/down height adjustment, a 5-point safety harness, and a removable sculpted booster seat for use with smaller infants. “This high chair was the most eye-catching item at the Show,” one judge says. “The fresco chairs have been a hot ticket for a while and they boast high-quality and the ability to grow with your child up until about elementary school age, but this special rose gold one just raises the bar, aesthetically.”

bloom fresco chrome limited edition baby chair in rose gold

Best in Show: embé 2-Way Swaddle
Created by a mom who wanted to be able to swaddle her baby’s arms in the blanket, but have the option to leave the legs out during warmer temperatures, embé’s 2-Way Swaddle is the first of its kind on the market. It lets you safely swaddle baby (it has a No Rise design, meaning it won’t scoot up to cover baby’s mouth or nose) and keep them at a comfortable temp if the weather is hot. “I love the legs-free option, and it’s great for babies who like to kick, it’s great for hip development and protection, and it makes diaper changes possible without unswaddling,” one judge says. Plus, the 2-Way Swaddles are made from beautiful, soft fabrics and come in a variety of patterns and colors.

Best in Show: Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper
Launched last fall from Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby brand, the SNOO soothes infant crying and boosts sleep with the same rhythmic sensations that babies enjoyed in the womb. The SNOO responds to crying by choosing the appropriate level of shushing and rocking most likely to calm the baby’s upset, just like an experienced parent. In addition, SNOO’s patent-pending swaddle makes it the only bed ever made that keeps babies safely on their back all night long. When securely attached to the bed, the swaddle prevents accidental rolling. “I love the research that was put into the technology and design of this product—it looks like it could be the future of healthy sleep for babies (and parents),” one judge says.

Best in Show: nanobébé Breast Milk Bottles
Using geometry and technology in totally innovative ways, nanobébé is changing the bottle game with its breast-shaped and stackable feeding bottles. The bottle’s increased surface area allows for milk temperature to drop to fridge temperature in only 25 minutes (vs. three hours in standard bottles)—this is important because fast cooling reduces bacterial growth, which protects the nutritional and immunological value of breast milk. “I am obsessed with the design of this product and the functionality improvements that the design generates (more nutrients in milk given the shape, which cools and heats more evenly),” one judge says. “The shape is also super-similar to a human breast, so the baby can touch the bottle like it would if it were nursing.”

nanobebe breast milk botles

The three Honorable Mentions are:

Honorable Mention: Bittylab Bare Air-Free Bottle
This bottle’s unique technology makes it easy to feed baby air-free milk in an upright position. It also lets baby control the flow and pace of feeding. These features lead to major health benefits and are clinically proven to eliminate gas, colic, and acid reflux symptoms. Together with Bitylab’s Perfe-latch nipple, Bare helps initiate, reinstate, and extend breastfeeding while supplementing. “The syringe-like technology delivers air-free milks and, because it works on suction, allows baby to self-feed sitting up,” one judge says. “I love anything that makes babies happier and more comfortable.”

bittylab bare air free botle

Honorable Mention: Luv Bug Sun Protection Blankets
Luv Bug’s Sun Protection Blankets are a summer must-have! They are made from UPF 50+ UV Protection fabric (which is also breathable, moisture-wicking, fast drying, and ultra-lightweight) and feature a hood, so a baby or child can have it over their head and wrap the rest around their body. If you’re wearing baby in a carrier, you can put the hood on them and then the remainder it easy to wrap around the parent’s torso. “This blanket allows your family and baby to enjoy the joys of being outdoors without the harmful chemicals contained in sunscreen. Babies prior to 6 months should not use sunscreen—and this blanket comes to the rescue,” notes one judge. Plus, these handy blankets come in a variety of cute patterns (seahorses and sharks) and colors.

luv bug sun protection blankets

Honorable Mention: Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys
Oribel’s Wall Toys make it easy for parents to make the most of limited space for play by taking the fun off the floor and onto the walls. The toys have a sticker on the back that lets them firmly attach to a flat surface (they’re easy to cleanly remove as well). The front has a magnetic surface or 3D attachment (like a door knocker), making for endless possibilities for fun. “These peel-and-stick toys keep the mess to a minimum and let you create play zones in small spaces,” on judge says. “They’re perfect for apartment dwellers!” Plus, there’s a big variety to choose from and they’re all totally adorable (think animals and woodland motifs).

oribel vertiplay wall toys

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