Tickets FAQ

Frequently Asked Ticket Questions!

1. I forgot to print my ticket, how do I get a re-print?
You do not need to print your ticket. We will have your name on a list when you arrive at check-in.

2. Do I get mailed a ticket?
Tickets will not be mailed to anyone. Your name will be on a list at registration.

3. How much is it for my child to attend the show?
Children are free. A single ticket allows one adult to enter and a family ticket allows two adults to enter.

4. I am bringing someone other than my partner, is this extra? How many adults are included in a family ticket?
A family ticket enables any two adults to enter, this can be a friend, relative or partner.

5. I bought my ticket for Saturday but I would like to attend on Sunday instead, how do I change my ticket?
Upon checking-in at registration, please inform the person checking you in that your name can be found under the respective day that you purchased. If you purchased a Saturday ticket but arrive on Sunday, let the person know that your name is on the Saturday list.

6. How do I attend the show as a member of the press?
Please email your credentials and website to Jessica (

7. If I need to have my ticket re-funded how do I go about doing this?
Please email with all ticket refunds. PLEASE NOTE: Any refund requests coming in after May 13th will be refunded AFTER the show on May 20th.

Still have questions regarding your ticket purchase? Please email

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