Tidy Tots’ Diapers Offer The Features & Qualities That Parents Care Most About

Tidy Tots Diapers kate bren

Through rigorous parent-testing and attention to the details that families care most about, Tidy Tots offers diapers made from an organic hemp blend that are super-absorbent, innovatively designed, comfortable for babies, and extremely cost-effective. What’s more, they will be at the New York Baby Show on May 14 and 15, at Pier 92 in NYC.

The nation’s biggest show for expectant and new families, the New York Baby Show is a wonderful family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler. From top products to trusted parenting experts, the New York Baby Show welcomes thousands of expectant and new parents from New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


To learn more about Tidy Tots, we caught up with their owner and CEO, Sandra Beck!

What should consumers know about Tidy Tots’ brand and products?

Tidy Tots is the Hassle Free Diaper. Gentle on baby, friendly to the environment. Our parent-tested patented designs provide unmatched leak protection without sacrificing style and comfort. The integration of our natural liner with organic hemp blend diapers and inserts combine for a rash free and hassle free changing experience. Every detail works together to help families save time and money while focusing on baby’s happiness and comfort. When we say Hassle Free, we mean it! Tidy Tots’ mission is to provide an innovative diaper with high-quality materials and craftsmanship supported by outstanding customer service to ensure families’ easy transition to cloth diapering.

How was Tidy Tots started and how has it grown?

Sandra Beck, the owner and CEO started Tidy Tots out of a mother’s passion and concern to provide a healthier diaper experience and moreover, to reduce the environmental impact of disposable diapers. Through her journey, realizing the inherent perils of disposable diapers, we set out to design a better solution to solve these important issues.  Focus groups provided insight on the pitfalls of cloth diapering – they are messy and they leak. The next seven years were devoted to perfecting our design and patents to address these parent concerns. Collaborating with over 100 families, the Tidy Tots brand is striving to bring cloth diapering into the main stream market. We are continually improving our diapers, this year we have tripled the absorbency of our diapers and recently introduced an innovative snap cover.

What do consumers love about Tidy Tots and what should parents know about it?

A consistent accolade, families love that Tidy Tots takes the Ick, Rashes, and Leaks out of diapering. With our Flushies liners, parents can just flush away the mess.  There is no need for scraping or spraying unlike other cloth diapers, and the waste is flushed away. Our anti-microbial hemp blend diapers will not cause diaper rash; a common issue with disposable diapers. Tidy Tots is also extremely cost effective as compared to disposables, and can provide parents savings of over $1,500 with their first baby! Parents love knowing our diapers are made in the USA, right here in upstate NY, at a facility that supports individuals with disabilities.

What differentiates Tidy Tots from other similar products on the market?

We’ve revolutionized diapers from the bottom up! Tidy Tots emphasis on design innovation resulted in three patent awards for its unique functionality.   These integrated features provide a comprehensive solution to create the Hassle Free Diapering experience families want and deserve.

Among our many features are:

  • SmartRise: We are the only one size diaper with self-adjusting rise for the just-perfect fit each and every day!
  • TruFit: Our unique offset snap closures provides a snug and natural embrace.
  • Our one- piece flap and special trim stops wicking and leaking around the waist.
  • Super Deep Gussets create a wall of protection to keep messes contained.
  • Our No-Fold Diapers and Boosters are 4 layers of the heaviest weight organic hemp blend for even the super wetter’s.
  • No-Fold Diapers snap into our covers and have a slit in the back for extra absorbency at night – just add a booster. We are the only diaper that parents don’t need to un-stuff, the booster come out in the wash!
  • Tidy Tots is the only diaper designed around the use of a liner. All other liners rely on pressure and friction to stay in place, and as a result shift and bunch making them highly ineffective. Flushies liners are made of soothing cornstarch, wrap around the whole diaper, and secure into the cover.  Just Flush away the mess!

What can parents expect to see from Tidy Tots at the New York Baby Show and in the future in general?

We absolutely love coming to the New York Baby Show each year, we always make new friends, and more family! This year, in addition to offering amazing show-pricing specials on our sets, we are also offering a NYBS exclusive Complete Start Set at an incredible price. This includes everything a family needs to diaper their baby, plus 200 liners and 2 wet bags free! Stop by booth #101. We will have a giveaway and a pick-your-own cover station, another NYBS exclusive, at our booth.  Learn more about our amazing diapers, see our improved No-Fold Diapers and Boosters, check out our new TruFit Snap Covers, and imagine all our new cute prints on your little one! Isn’t it time to treat your baby to a healthier diapering experience while improving our environment, one baby at a time–from the bottom up!

To learn more about Tidy Tots, visit tidytotsdiapers.com!