Tray Haven Keeps Food And Toys On The Tray And Off The Floor

Tray Heaven

As every parent knows, mealtime and playtime can get a little messy. Instead of the food going from your kids’ plate to their mouth, the food is on the floor or halfway across the room on the couch. And so are their toys. Tray Haven has come up with an ingenious solution to change that: a net that fits around most highchairs, booster seats, strollers, and wheelchairs that creates a safe, cozy environment that keeps all meal items and toys on the tray.

What’s more, Tray Haven will be at the upcoming New York Baby Show on May 20 and 21, at Pier 94.

The nation’s biggest show for expectant and new families, the New York Baby Show is a wonderful family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler. From top products to trusted parenting experts, the New York Baby Show welcomes thousands of expectant and new parents from New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond!

Tickets to the New York Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


We spoke with Tray Haven’s co-founder and co-owner, Valerie Stone, to learn more about the brand and what new parents can expect at the New York Baby Show.

For someone unfamiliar with Tray Haven, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Mealtime can be chaotic for young families. Parents know that spaghetti can fly, veggies can splatter, and pacifiers can vanish into thin air. Thanks to Tray Haven, your child will keep all food items, toys, drinks, and crayons on the tray and within reach. Tray Haven’s mission is to make mealtime go from positively manic to perfectly peaceful. Tray Haven fits your child’s tray like a glove and is highly effective on highchairs, booster seats, strollers, and wheelchairs with trays.

Tell us about the company’s background. When did Tray Haven start and how has it evolved since then?

The idea of keeping food and toys on the tray and off the floor is not particularly original—many have attempted products to fill the need, some dating back to the 1950s. But nothing really worked—until now. Inspired by an idea and the TV show Shark Tank, my husband, Jeff, and I decided to give it a shot. I rediscovered my sewing machine, and Jeff dusted off his old basement workbench. We experimented with clamps, suction cups, PVC pipe, and even a Ping-Pong net. Many prototypes later, and almost ready to give up, we found ourselves inspired by our son’s pop-up-hamper. With the addition of memory wire and some newly found vision, our final design really gets the job done. Tray Haven is named to convey a safe, cozy, and independent-feeling space. With all items secure on the tray, your child is happy—and so are you.

What are the most popular and newest products from Tray Haven?

The Tray Haven is our newest and, so far, our only product. We intend to develop add-ons.

What sets Tray Haven apart in the baby marketplace?

Most products that address thrown or dropped items are designed to protect the floors after the item has already fallen. Tray Haven keeps food and toys from falling in the first place.

What can parents expect from Tray Haven at the New York Baby Show?

Tray Haven will be demonstrated on a highchair, booster seat, and stroller at the New York Baby Show. Parents will be able to try Tray Haven themselves to see just how easy it is to set-up and store.

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