Why Am I Yelling? Is Inspiring And Empowering Moms Everywhere!

Krista Rizzo

  Krista Rizzo started Why Am I Yelling? as a blog that focused on optimism and motivation. After its inception, Krista became a professional life coach to take the things she was writing about and turn it into real life advice and mentorship for other people. Krista and Why Am I Yelling? continues to be a source of authentic and genuine life coaching and has even garnered the attention from huge names like Forbes and the Today Show. We were able to ask Krista a few questions on her brand and everything she’s been able to accomplish with her positive outlook on life!   How would you define Why Am I Yelling? I started Why Am I Yelling? as a blog and after I became a professional life coach, decided the name fit so I kept it. Why Am I Yelling? is a brand focusing on sharing optimism and motivation throughout the world. I help women and teenagers learn to accept, embrace, and create change in order to have the lives of their dreams.   What inspired you to create Why Am I Yelling? Why Am I Yelling? was born from a contest I entered about eight years ago hosted by Oprah. The contest included creating your own show idea and naming it. And the winner of this contest won their very own talk show, so this turned into a blog and later  a coaching practice.   How has it been to feel recognition and praise from other outlets?  It’s always great to receive recognition from peers and other outlets. It means I’m doing what I love and people are noticing and appreciating it!   Does this change your original path/vision you had for the brand?  Originally Why Am I Yelling? was a blog and a coaching practice. Little did I know it would turn into collaboration opportunities with other coaches and brands and allow me to become an author of a book series.   You provide coaching and speaking for people everywhere, what is it that puts your name at the top? Collaboration and name recognition I think. Once I started speaking and writing for outlets like Forbes and the Today Show, I had more inquiries from potential clients and partners.   What makes you different?  I walk the walk. I’m authentic, genuine, and I shoot from the hip. I’m not the person who is going to tell you what you want to hear, I’m the person who’s going to help you achieve your goals, and if you don’t know what your goals are, I’ll help you figure that out, too. No smoke and mirrors here!   What can you provide for expectant and seasoned mothers?  Experience!! I’m a mom of two and I’ve been around kids for as long as I can remember. I can provide encouragement, support, and truth which I think is something that’s missing today. We’re so caught up as a society with being judged that we worry we’re doing it wrong. The best advice I can give is to give yourself grace because we’re all in it together, and to know that there is not one way to be a good parentthere are manyso whatever works for you, rock that!    How is it balancing  life with your own family while also spending time helping out other families? I am a master organizer and schedulerliterally every minute of my day is scheduled. Whether it’s work related or personal things, I don’t leave anything up to chance because it can get messy with four different schedules! My family is my priority and when we’re together, I completely unplug and focus on our time. In real life, it’s a small amount of time day-to-day with school and activities, so carving out quality family time is important. That’s not to say events don’t sometimes take me away from that time, but it’s scheduled accordingly so I can manage a good balance for all of us.   To learn more, visit whyamiyelling.com