Meet the Experts

The Baby Show “Meet The Experts” area is an educational program focused on hands-on tutorials. In these 30-minute sessions, new and expectant parents will get practical advice and education with real-life applications. Join the session, be part of the action, and gain confidence.

Cloth Diaper Tutorial

11:30am-12pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Chad Ekstrom, International Sales and Marketing, Kanga Care, will address FAQs and how-tos on the topic of cloth diapers.

Scientific Principles that Enhance Language Learning

12:15-12:45pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Dr. Robert Titzer, Infant Researcher, Infant Learning Company

  • Early language scores predict later language scores and reading scores more than a decade later 
  • Babies who are taught more words by 18 months of age think at faster speeds than babies who are taught fewer words 
  • Scientific principles that help babies learn language skills more efficiently will be described 
  • The simultaneous learning of languages is better than consecutive learning of languages, so introduce babies to multiple languages instead of waiting until the native language is mastered before introducing other languages 

Breastfeeding & Lactation 101

1-1:30pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Join breastfeeding expert Jada Shapiro, founder of boober and Birth Day Presence, for an informative afternoon of tips to get breastfeeding off to the best start, or as we like to say Breast Start

Giving Birth with Confidence: An Overview of Lamaze’s 6 Healthy Birth Practices

1:45-2:15pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Attendees will learn how the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices can help simplify your birth with proven practices that help alleviate your fears and manage pain regardless of your baby’s size, labor length, and complexity or confidence level. These six practices are tried-and-true ways to make birth as safe and healthy as possible for pregnant people around the world. Saturday’s session will be with Jenifer Buice, LCCE, CBE; and Sunday’s session will be with Robin Gibson-Douthit, LCCE.

5 Questions to Ask Your Care Provider BEFORE Your Birth

2:30-3pm (Saturday)

Founder of the Prenatal Yoga Center (and doula and Lamaze educator) Debra Flashenberg talks prenatal wellness and the questions that expectant mamas should plan to ask of their care provider before birth.

“As a prenatal yoga teacher and childbirth educator, I have heard this lament time and time again: ‘I received the name of my doctor from a friend, and if I had known what to ask, I probably would have switched doctors a long time ago. Now it’s too late to change,'” Flashenberg says.

Having a care provider you trust and feel supported by can help ensure a more enjoyable pregnancy and a more functional birth. These five questions can help you identify if you picked a care provider whose birth philosophy and way of practicing medicine aligns with how you would like to be treated before and during birth. While you cannot change how your care provider practices, you can change your care provider!

Prenatal Wellness & Self Care

2:30-3pm (Sunday)

Self care supports prenatal wellness. Quality Sleep, good nutrition, physical activity, and stress management are important for your prenatal routine. Good habits established during pregnancy will also support you postpartum. AfterThird has a small group of experts to give you a great place to start with prenatal self care.